Subway Coupons and Deals – Ultimate List

Subway is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, and for good reason. Their sandwiches are delicious, customizable, and affordable. But who doesn’t love saving even more money on their favorite food with Subway Coupons?

That’s where Savewall comes in. We have a wide variety of Subway deals and coupons, so you can save on your next sandwich, wrap, salad, or soup.

Subway Coupons & Deals for July

We are sharing with you some of the best Subway Coupons & Deals to help you get your meals on the cheap:

Free small drink

Free small drink

Get a Free small drink with the purchase of a footlong on the Subway app
6 inch sub for $3.99

6 inch sub for $3.99

Get a 6 inch sub for $3.99 with the code: SUB399.
Free Cookie

Free Cookie

Get a free cookie when you buy $15 in gift cards
Any Footlong -50%

Any Footlong

50% OFF
Join Subway MVP Rewards and 50% off a footlong.

Subway Promo Codes for July

Footlong for $6.99

Footlong for $6.99

Use code FL699 at checkout.
Free Cookie

Free Cookie

Free Cookie with any purchase using the code FREEDESSERT
Buy one footlong, get one 50% off -50%

Buy one footlong, get one 50% off

50% OFF
Buy one footlong, get one 50% off.
Two Footlongs

Two Footlongs

Two Footlongs for $12.99 when you use the code: 2FOR1299, 1299FL or FL1299
Bag of Chips -100%

Bag of Chips

FREE $1.19
Get a Free Bag of Chips when you buy a Footlong or Footlong Melt.

6″ Sub for $3.49

Get a 6-inch sub for $3.49 with the Code: 349SUB

6″ Meal Deal

Get a 6-inch Meal for $6.49 with promo code
Footlong Meal Special -21%

Footlong Meal Special

$8.99 $11.49
Get a Footlong Meal for $8.99 using promo code
Any sub Special -20%

Any sub Special

20% OFF
20% OFF any sub with the promo code

More Subway Coupons & Specials for July

  • Sign up for Weekly Subway Coupons Text Offers and get a 6” Sub for $2.99 (Text SAVE to 782929)
  • Get a coupon for a free 6″ sub when you buy $25 in Gift Card
  • Buy a Discounted Subway Gift Card and save up to 3% off
  • Get a 10% discount if you have a valid Student ID
  • $50 subway egift card for only $40 at
  • Get a Free small drink with the purchase of a footlong with code: BEVERAGE
  • Buy one footlong sub and a fountain drink and get another for footlong free with the code FLBOGO
  • 3 Footlong for $19.99 with coupon code: 1799FL at checkout
  • Free Bag of Chips with any Footlong Sub or Melt with coupon code: CHIPS

Subway’s Sub of the Day

Subway deals

Subway’s popular promotion is still active. Let us introduce it if you haven’t already. With this deal, Subway offers different 6inch subs every day of the week at a low price of $4.99. You get to taste all of the delicious combinations throughout the entire week.

Some Subway restaurants do not participate in the sub of the day but they offer one sub special every day, usually Meatball Marinara.

The selection of subs includes Meatball Marinara, Veggie Delite, Cold Cut Combo, Black Forest Ham, and Spicy Italian

Gathered here are all the available Subway deals at the moment. Keep in mind that these promo codes are only available to use in the Subway App and cannot be used at once.

Amazing Subway Coupons: 3% Discount on Gift Cards

You can enjoy a 3% discount on Subway gift cards at participating locations.

Interesting, isn’t it? Please keep in mind that these coupons may not work in all locations.

Special Days Subway Coupons & Deals

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National Sandwich Day

FREE 6-inch
It happens to be on November 3rd when most Subway restaurants will offer you a free 6-inch sub at the order of any of their subs and drinks.
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Valentine’s Day

FREE 6-inch
Some Subway locations make your V-day special and offer you a free 6-inch sub at the order of a drink.
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Customer Appreciation Day

FREE 6-inch
The day varies every day but usually happens in February, September, or October. Make sure to follow Subway on social media to keep track and you might be able to score a free Subway sub..

Subway MyWay Rewards App

Subway Coupons in MyWay Rewards App

The registered members of the Subway app will receive exclusive Subway deals. Select “New Users Start Here” after installing the app on your phone. Simply sign in if you already have an account.

Then, to explore the drop-down menu, pick the three bars in the upper right corner and click “Deals for You

You may search for a Subway near you right now to see which Subway deals and coupons are available in your region.

If you’d like to use one of the digital coupons, click “Order Now” to be directed to an online menu. Make changes to your order or leave it as is, then click “Add to Bag” when you’re done.

Join the Subway MyWay Rewards Program to save up money on your Subway orders and earn reward points to get free stuff. Subscribe to Subway Rewards or download the Subway App

If you prefer a physical card or mobile app, the Subway MyWay loyalty program makes it simple to make every bite count.

Every dollar you spend will earn you tokens, and after you reach 200 tokens, you’ll receive a $2 reward to use on your next order.

You can also earn 3x tokens during your first membership week.

Find the best Subway deals and discounts on your favorite meal order and treat yourself to tiny extras like cookies, chips, and drinks.

With these Subway deals, you can make your great sandwich even greater. With the sweet savings, you can stock up on all the extras and get some additional Subway soup, a drink, or a bag of chips.

If you’re celebrating your birthday in the next few days, You can get your free cookie simply by downloading their app or by getting a loyalty card in-store. Great Birthday Offer form Subway!

Subway Rewards for more Subway Deals

Subway Deals

Earn 250 points simply by subscribing to Subway Rewards. You can get a free side dish with the earned points.

Earn more points simply by scanning your App or swiping your Subway Card at the register. If you order online, your automatically earn your points.

Double points

If you make orders after 5 pm from Monday to Friday, registered Subway Rewards subscribers will receive double points. (10 points for every $1 instead of the usual 5 points).

Subway Surveys

At times, Subway launches surveys to allow you to share your thoughts and opinions about their services and food. All you need is a valid purchase receipt dating no less than 5 days from a participating Subway restaurant and an email address.

You can take a new survey every seven (7) days, and each time you will receive an offer or a – Subprise-.

To redeem your offer, keep the received code and bring it to a participating restaurant at the checkout.

The code expires after 5 days of being issued.

Subway Catering

Subway deals

If you have more than one mouth to feed, Subway catering is for you! Perfect for social events, parties, and meetings.

The catering menu includes:

  • Signature Wrap Platter: contains two (2) Italian B.M.T, two (2) Black Forest Ham, two (2) Turkey Breast, one (1) Tuna, and one (1) Cold Cut Combo.
  • Sub Platter: contains one (1) Cold Cut Combo, one (1) Black Forest Ham, one (1) Turkey Breast, one (1) Tuna, and one (1) Italian B.M.T
  • Giants Subs:  contains subs of your choice. You can choose between 18 portions of a 3-foot giant sub or 36 portions of a 6-foot giant sub.
Subway Deals

Some Subway restaurants might be able to fill your catering order on the same day, however, we advise you to put your order 24 hours in advance to be on the safe side.

You can place your order both online (website and app) or at your local restaurant.

Here’s a deal for you if you’re thinking of getting Subway Catering!

Get 10% off your $75 Subway Catering order using the code below:

Get 10% off your $75 Subway

Subway Delivery

Get Subway delivered right to your door, your way! Subway delivers via their delivery service as well as third-party delivery services such as Doordash and Uber Eats. A delivery fee of $4–$5 is usually charged.

Subway deals

While you wait for your next meal, check over the Subway menu online, explore Subway specials, and even read Subway reviews—you’ll have more time to do the important things when you have it delivered!

Free Delivery Deal

Subway offers you free delivery if you order at Subway Delivery via MyWay App. They also offer you 100 bonus tokens.

About Subway

Subway deals

Subway is clearly a good choice when it comes to freshly made, convenient, and affordable food, from their customizable and original sandwiches to wraps and salads.

Every day, they provide a crave-able menu to suit the customer’s taste palates, which is why they are one of the world’s largest restaurant brands. 

The possibilities of combinations at Subway are endless. The total combination available on their menu amounts nearly to 38 million

Subway Menu

Subway deals

The sub is Subway’s most popular item. Obviously…it’s in their name. For the most hungry among us, choose from a 6-inch sub or a footlong sandwich. If you don’t want to eat so much bread, you can have their wraps and salads. Breakfast sandwiches, English muffins, and flatbreads are also available.

At Subway, getting your sub (or wrap, or whatever) created your way is the name of the game, with nearly infinite combinations of meats, cheeses, toppings, dressings, and other sauces and seasonings.

If you wanted to, you could dine there every day and never eat the same item twice. You might also choose a favorite and stick with it! Sides are simple, such as a bag of chips and a plate of cookies for dessert. See their full menu here.

Subway Near Me:

In the United States, there are approximately 23,000 Subway locations. You might even come upon two right next to each other. They’re literally everywhere. Subway restaurants in your area can be found here.

Subway Hours

Most Subway locations are open from 8 am to 9 pm,  although hours may vary depending on the restaurants. They may stay open until 10 or 11 pm in many of the busier spots. Select your Subway store from the Subway website to learn more about its hours, address, and other details.

Subway Nutrition

Subway Deals

Subway’s online and app menus provide allergies and nutritional information.

When ordering online, you can make changes to the menu ingredients; when ordering in a restaurant, you just ask your server to make the sandwich precisely how you want it.

The Subway Nutritional Calculator page provides the nutritional content of any item on the menu.

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