Cicis Pizza Deals & Coupons for June 2024

If are you craving some freshly cooked pizza, then Cicis is the right pizza. Make sure to stop by it next time and enjoy their specialties. You can find here all Cicis Pizza deals, offers, and practical information.

Cicis Pizza Deals

Cicis Pizza Deals

Find here all Cici Pizza deals, specials, and new items. The list is updated weekly and every time there is a new deal. 

  • FREE coupon when you sign up for texts from Cici’s Pizza
  • $4.99 dine in Buffet Monday/Tuesdays
  • 2 Large 1-Topping Pizza for $6.99 each

Current Cicis Deals

  • $9.99 New Deep Dish Pizza
  • $29.99 Popper Party Pack
  • $32.99 Classic Party Pack
  • $37.99 Wings Party Pack
  • $13.99 The Deep Cheese

Cicis Pizza Deals: New Items

You will always find new additions to the Cicis Pizza’s menu, some are permanent and some are only released for a limited time. These are the new additions. 

  • New Mike’s Hot Honey Pizza:

The New Mike’s Hot Honey Pizza is a pizza features classic taste and crust with garlic butter, real cheese peppreoni topped with creamy alfredo sauce and off course finished off with Mike’s Hot Honey drizzle. To-go pricing starts for a medium at $9.99 , $11.99 for a large and $14.99 for a giant. Prices may vary by location.

  • New Buffalo Chicken Poppers:

These small delights are made of buffalo pizza sauce, chicken, and fresh cheese rolled in fresh dough. The poppers are baked till golden and brushed with the classic garlic butter. You can enjoy them with a side of buffalo sauce or ranch. They come in 12 pieces for $5.99.

  • Classic Deep Dish Pizza:

You can now try the new Deep Dish pizzas of your choice. Made of crispy and golden pan-baked crust with the sauce and topping of your choice. 

Classic Party Pack

This Pack includes 2 Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Cinnamon Rolls (20 count) OR Garlic Cheesy Bread (16 slices). Only available for Pickup or Delivery for $27.99.

Wing Party Pack

In this pack you’ll find two Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Bone-in OR Boneless Wings (10 count). Only available for Pickup or Delivery at a price of $33.99.

Popper Party Pack

The Popper Party Pack contains two Giant 1-topping pizzas with your choice of Jalapeno + Pepperoni Poppers, OR Buffalo Chicken Poppers (12 count). Available for Pickup or Delivery for $26.99.

The Deep Cheese

It’s a crispy, golden, pan-baked deep dish crust. Topped with marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. Stuffed with a mozzarella cheese crust. Available for Pickup or Delivery for $12.99.

Prices may vary by location.

Cicis App

Cicis Pizza Deals

Just like the other pizza places (Pizza Hut, Domino’s), Cicis Pizza also has its own app called MyCicis App. When you first sign up, you will get a coupon for a free buffet when at the purchase of another at its regular price. 

In addition to Cicis Pizza deals, they have exclusive offers for MyCicis App members, such as a free buffet or pizza on the 6th visit, a free buffet on their birthday, free drinks, and many other offers. The app is available on IOS and Android

Cicis Pizza Deals

To enjoy your free buffet or pizza on your 6th visit simply go to the app and click on “earn” and you will be asked to scan your receipt barcode. If you face problems while scanning, you can simply choose to enter the code manually.

Once you’ve filled all 5 barcodes, you will be able to get your “Loyalty Slice” to redeem your free pizza or buffet on your next visit. Remember that your purchase should be $6 or more. 

In addition to the the rewards, MyCicis allows members to make orders ahead for delivery or pick-up, look up their nearest Cicis Pizza locations, and visualize the full menu along with its nutritional information.

About Cicis Pizza

Cicis Pizza Deals

Cicis Pizza is an American buffet restaurant chain founded by Joe Croce and Mike Cole in 1985 in Texas. Since then, they have been specializing in their various specialty pizza which they offer in buffets so you can enjoy all of them, if possible. The food chain is expanding all over the United States with about 300 locations.

Cicis Pizza Menu

The Cicis Pizza Menu includes a wide range of pizzas such as traditional, stuffed, and flatbread pizza. Their pizzas come in 3 different sizes, medium, large, large-garlic parmesan Crust, pan, and giant.

If you would like to explore other items than pizza, Cicis Pizza has got you covered with its delicious wings, garlic bread, pasta, salads, and desserts.

You can also find Value Packs as part of Cicis Pizza deals if you have lots of mouths to feed. You can choose from three (3) packs: Family Pack, Party Pack, and XL Pack. The packs include your choice of pizzas and sides. 

Cicis Pizza Best Menu Items

Cicis Pizza Deals
  • Spinach Alfredo Pizza 

This mouthwatering pizza takes the first spot. Look no further and get this pizza on your next visit if you haven’t yet. Made of classic crust, glazed with garlic butter and topped with Alfredo sauce and spinach, topped again with fresh cheese, you will explore rich flavors. 

  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza 

However controversial, this pizza is widely popular. It combines two favorite dishes: Mac & Cheese and pizza. The two flavors go surprisingly very well together. 

  • Cinnamon Rolls 

This dessert is very famous at Cicis Pizza and is amazing to finish your meal with. The cinnamon rolls are made with fresh dough and are filled with homemade cinnamon sugar and baked till golden.

Cicis Pizza Near Me

To find your nearest Cicis Pizza, simply use the MyCisis app or you can use the store locator on their website.

Cicis Pizza Delivery

Cicis Pizza Deals

You can get your favorite Cicis Pizza delights delivered to you. You can either request delivery while ordering on their website or app, or you can do it through Cicis Pizza delivery partners: UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, Waitr, and Slice.

Cicis Pizza Hours

Most Cicis locations open at 11 and close at 8 pm. Closing hours depend on how busy the area is. Cicis Pizza restaurants are also individually owned, therefore, opening and closing hours depend on each restaurant. Make sure to check the website. 

Cicis Pizza Nutrition

You can find all food allergens and ingredients on Cicis Pizza’s website, check it here.

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