Social Nature: Free GnuSanté Functional Fruit Shakes

Summer is just around the corner. That’s the perfect time for refreshing drinks, isn’t it?

In partnership with GnuSanté, Social Nature is giving you the chance to test Functional Fruit Shakes for free. Wanna discover these high protein milkshakes by GnuSanté? Don’t hesitate then! It’s for everyone in the family from the age of 2.

GnuSanté‘s Functional Fruit Shakes come in two different types:

  • Gnubees Plus (9 à 99 ans): Delicious milkshakes for lunch or school snacks that can be taken everywhere.
  • Gnubees Kids (Age 2+): High-fiber milkshakes that provide children with all sorts of vitamins they need.

Selected members can choose between the following flavors:

  • Gnubees+ Strawberry Wise
  • Gnubees+ Tropical Unstoppable
  • Gnubees Kids Rockin Raspberry
  • Gnubees Kids Mango Tango

Social Nature: Free GnuSanté Functional Fruit Shakes

To take advantage of the offer, first click on the button ”Go to offer” below. You will be directed to the site “Social Nature”.

Once on the website, you can sign in to your account. Then click on the button “apply to try” to enter your zip code.

The chosen members will receive a $2.98 voucher redeemable for 1 FREE pouch of Functional Fruit Shake, 8fl oz.

You can retrieve the product from the store that you have previously chosen.

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