Popeyes Coupons for November 2022

Popeyes Coupons and Deals

Known for their famous Chicken Sandwich, Popeyes surely has a way to keep their customers coming back for more succulent, crunchy meals.

Even better, Popeye coupons make the whole experience way better. I mean, what’s better than enjoying a great meal for cheap? You can find here all Popeyes coupons, deals, and menu information to use on your next Popeyes trip.

The New Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Get the new Blackened Chicken Sandwich (regular or spicy) and score free medium fries when you order through the app.

Free Popeyes Item of choice

Choose between a free 2 pcs Signature Chicken, 3 pcs Tenders, 8 pcs Nuggets, or a Chicken Sandwich when you put your first order via the Popeyes app or website of $10 and more. Offer available for both delivery and pick-up at participating locations

Popeyes Coupons: $24.99 Family Meal 

If you have more than one mouth to feed, These family meals are for you. Get 14-piece Tenders, 2 large sides, and 5 biscuits for $24.99. Offer available for pick-up online orders only. 

Popeyes Coupons: $12.99 Signature Chicken 2 Can Dine 

Get this Popeye meal to share or maybe just for yourself. The meal includes 5pc Signature Chicken, 2 regular-size sides, and 2 biscuits for $12.99. This offer is available for delivery orders only. 

Popeyes Coupons

$12.99 – 6pc Tenders 2 Can Dine

Get 6 pieces of Tenders, 2 Regular sides, and 2 biscuits for $12.99.

$24.99 – 10pc Family Meal

Get 14 pieces of chicken Tenders, 2 large sides and 5 Biscuits for $24.99.

$9.99 2 Can Dine

Get 5pc of Signature Chicken, 2 regular sides, and 2 biscuits.

New Popeyes Menu Additions

Popeyes on occasion adds new items to their menu. Some items are only released for a limited time and some are permanent, depending on the customers’ response to the item.

For the moment, Popeyes had two (2) new additions to its menu: Buffalo Ranch Sandwich, inspired by the secret menu, and New Wildberry Beignet.

Buffalo Ranch Sandwich 

Popeyes Coupons

Popeyes has introduced their latest addition to the menu, the Buffalo Ranch Sandwich. It is made of hand-breaded fried juicy chicken breast, crisp pickle slices, and Popeye’s new Buffalo Ranch sauce all in a buttery toasted brioche bun.

You can get the sandwich by itself for $4.99 or in a combo for about $6.99. Prices may vary by location, make sure to check the app or the website before ordering. You will also get 150 bonus points when you order the Buffalo Ranch Sandwich Combo

New Wildberry Beignets 

Popeyes Coupons

Introducing the newest addition to the dessert menu, the New Wildberry beignet. Made of fine pastry and fresh wild berries for you to taste spring in a bite.

Popeyes Rewards 

Like many other food chains, Popeyes also has a fidelity program where you can earn points and redeem them into rewards of free and discounted food. 

You earn 10 points on every dollar spent at Popeyes, which makes earning your rewards very easy. You also get 50 bonus points at the purchase of combos and 100 bonus points on family meals. 

When you first sign up to the app, you will get a welcome freebie and will have to choose from a free regular side, an apple pie, or a small drink

Popeyes Coupons

Get free biscuits or sides when you earn 200 points and free chicken tenders at 600 points. The more you earn points the closer you get to receive your favorite items for free.

Members also get all the exclusive Popeyes coupons.

You can sign up on their website or their app, available both on IOS and Android.

About Popeyes

Popeyes Coupons

Popeyes is an American food chain brand created in 1972 by Al Copeland. The first Popeyes location was opened in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The brand had originally operated under the names: “Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits” and “Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits”. Now, known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, they have more than 3400 operational locations around the world. 

Popeyes Menu 

Popeyes Coupons

The Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Popeyes are THE sandwiches, they’re very popular. Their menu also includes Signature Chicken and tender, chicken family boxes, chicken combos, seafood combos, sides, drinks, and dessert. You can also load sandwiches, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and other dishes onto your plates. The menu is reasonably affordable, with most items costing less than $8.

The crunch, taste, and softness of Popeyes chicken are all great. The chicken is marinated in Louisiana herbs and sauces and served on buttery brioche bread. Popeyes also offers a variety of refreshing coleslaws in addition to the chicken sandwich. Pickles are added to lend a wonderful flavor to this cool, crisp, fresh, and tangy delight.

Popeyes Coupons

The iconic Chicken Sandwich, which began it all in 2019, is just amazing. People went nuts over these crispy chicken pieces marinated in Louisiana herbs and sauces and served on a buttery brioche bun. For those who have yet to try. Stop by your nearest Popeyes to enjoy these tender yet crunchy fried chicken sandwiches that are bursting with Louisiana spices.

Popeye’s also has Cajun fries, red beans and rice, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, seafood, and combo meals on the menu. You would not expect to find seafood at a restaurant known for its fried chicken. You’d be mistaken, though. Popeyes does a fantastic job with their seafood, especially the Butterfly Shrimp

Popeyes Secret Menu 

Similar to McDonald’s and Burger King, Popeyes also has a secret menu. You don’t have to worry about a long complicated order, their secret menu is quite simple, and effective.

Sweet & Spicy Red Beans and Rice

Simply order Red Beans and Rice on the side menu (you can order it for $1 during happy hour) and ask for two packets of honey and one pocket of hot sauce to get the sweet and spicy taste (you can adjust it to your liking). This combination tastes heavenly, we definitely recommend you try it on your next Popeye trip. 

Gravy Dipping Sauce 

If you want to try an item better than Popeyes Chicken, it must be Popeyes chicken dipped in gravy. Simply order some tenders or signature chicken with a side of gravy and enjoy your meal. 

Cajun Gravy Fries 

Many people suggest ordering Cajun fries topped with gravy. The combination takes your fries to the next level. 

Cajun Sparkle 

Popeyes Coupons

This is not a secret menu but a secret item. This cajun seasoning tastes amazing on almost anything. Ask for some cajun packets at checkout as it is available upon request only. 

Popeyes Near Me

With over 2700 Popeyes locations all over the US, you might have surely crossed them somewhere. If not, you can simply find your nearest location on their app or on Popeye’s store locator.

Popeyes Hours 

Most Popeyes locations open at 10:30 am Monday through Sunday and close at 10 pm or 11 pm. You can always check on the app or on the website your local location opening and closing hours. 

Popeyes Delivery 

Popeyes Coupons

Popeyes offers delivery through its app and website orders as well as delivery through third-party services (Grubhub, Doordash, Ubereats…). You can find some Popeyes coupons for free or discounted delivery. We will keep you updated if we find new ones.

Popeyes Nutrition

Popeyes provides nutritional information about every item on its menu, both on the website and the app. Make sure to check it before ordering if you have any allergies. You can always choose to add and remove ingredients from your order to your liking. 

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