Papa Johns Coupons

If you’re craving some fresh and delicious pizza, Papa John’s Got you. Here’s a selection of the latest Papa Johns coupons, specials, deals, and important information to use on your next trip to Papa John’s. 

Papa John’s Specials

Shaq-a-Roni (members only)$13.99
Papa Pairings $6.99
Pepperoni Crusted Papadia$7.99
New Papa Bowls $7.99
Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust 1-topping Pizza$14.99
Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza $14.49
Picks: Papadia and 1-topping Medium Pizza, Poppers and Garlic Knots, Cookies and a brownie$6.49
Family Special: Large Specialty Pizza and Large Two Topping Pizza$26.99
Carryout Special: Medium 1-topping Pizza $7.99
Carryout Special: Large 1-Topping Pizza$9.99
2 Large Two-Topping Pizzas$23.00
Any Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza $18.99
Any Large Pizza $16.99
Papa's Choice: Large 3 topping Pizza $14.99
3 Pizzas & Side $38.99
Large 3-Topping Pizza $15.99
Large Pizza Special $11.99
Pepsi Bundle$6

You don’t need Papa Johns coupons to get these specials. These offers are available in Papa John’s app and website. You only need to click on the offer that you would like to add to your orders. 

Papa Johns Coupons

25% off online sitewide purchase

Papa Johns Coupons & Offers

Papa Johns puts into your disposition the latest coupons and offers in the palm of your hands. You can receive their latest offers through email and text by signing up here.

Papa John’s Rewards 

Papa Johns Coupons

If you already order pizzas from Papa John’s, you might as well want to download their rewards app to get rewarded for your purchases. 

For every order you make, you will earn rewards, 1 point for every $1 to be precise. You can earn these rewards when you order online as well as in-store.

Papa Johns Coupons

The more you make purchases, the more you earn rewards towards Papa Dough. You might ask how do I redeem my papa dough? Well, it’s quite simple. Every 75 points you earn will convert to $10, which you can redeem for any menu item of your choice. 

Papa Dough can be used as a payment depending on the order amount and the reward balance, or more like Papa Johns coupons.

Birthday Reward

Papa John’s will send you every year a coupon for a free dessert to sweeten up your special day. Your birthday offer will be valid for 14 days. 

Papa Rewards will also give you access to exclusive Papa Johns coupons, offers, and deals. You can also make online orders for delivery or pick-up. 

The app also provides a fully interactive menu to view the items, their nutritional information, and their availability in your nearest location.

About Papa John’s 

Papa Johns Coupons

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant founded by John Schnatter in 1984 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It is the fourth largest pizza in the U.S after Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. They put great focus on the quality and taste of their pizzas. 

Papa John’s Menu

Papa Johns Coupons

Papa John’s Menu includes different types of Pizza, from their specialty pizzas, their signature Papadia, garlic knots, wings, and delicious dessert. Here are some of their best items (according to us).

  • Pepperoni Pizza 

You can’t mess with a classic, especially at Papa John’s. With the crispy pepperoni, the perfect cheese pull, and their famous garlic & parmesan flavored crust. If you’re ever overwhelmed with the many choices in front of you, you can simply go with the simplest option. 

  • Garlic Knots 

This is a match made in heaven, you can never go wrong with garlic and bread. These garlic knots are full of flavor, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. You can dip them in your favorite sauce if you like to step up your game. 

Papa Johns Coupons
  • Italian Papadia

This pizza sandwich fusion is a must-try at Papa John’s. Made of Alfredo sauce, cheese, Italian sausage, salami, and banana peppers, this combination is just amazing. There are other Papadia flavors that you can try, but this one is a winner. 

  • Garden Fresh Pizza

If you would like to enjoy a delicious pizza all while being healthy, this one’s for you. This pizza is vegetarian, so it’s perfect if you don’t eat meat, and even if you do, this pizza is still amazing. 

Papa John’s Nutrition 

Papa Johns Coupons

Papa John’s provides detailed nutritional info about all their menu items, as well as an allergen guide if you have any allergies that need to be checked before ordering. 

All this information can also be found in Papa John’s app. 

Papa John’s Near Me

As of 2022, Papa John’s has about 3096 locations all over the U.S. You can easily find your nearest Papa John’s through the app or through the store locator on Papa John’s website. 

Papa John’s Hours: 

Most Papa John’s locations open at 10:30 am and close at midnight. These hours are not general rules, some locations might open and close depending on the area they’re located in.

Papa John’s Delivery: 

Papa Johns Coupons

Papa John’s offers delivery through their own delivery service which is known to be efficient. You can order delivery through Papa John’s app or their website. In case Papa John’s delivery doesn’t reach you, you can order delivery through third-party services (Doordash, Posmates, Uber Eats, and others) 

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