Panda Express Coupons for April 2023

If you’re looking for delicious and convenient Asian food with a little sprinkle of American touch, Express Panda is your place to go. We’ve gathered here all recent Panda Express coupons, offers, and the latest deals. Make sure to check our list before your trip or online order to enjoy your meals for cheap! 

Free $5 Bonus Card

You can enjoy a free $5 Bonus Card when your order a Plate Bundle. Make sure to get yours before March 14th, 2023.

Panda Express Coupons 

We include herein all the recent Panda Express coupons and offers

Panda Express Coupons: Free Panda Bowl 

Panda Express Coupons 

Throughout June and July, get a free Panda Bowl of your choice when you purchase $30 or more in gift cards

Panda Express Coupons: Free Delivery 

Get free delivery on your first Panda Express order through Uber Eats. Use the coupon code below.

Free Delivery

Panda Express Coupons: Free Entree

Every time you make an order in an Express Panda shop, you will find a survey invitation on the back of your receipt which will score you a free entrée on your next visit with the purchase of a 2 entrée plate.

Panda Express Birthday Deal

Score a free entrée at Panda Express when you sign up for their email newsletter.

The survey will take you less than five minutes and it is definitely worth it.

Panda Express Family Deal 

Panda Express Coupons 

If you have more than a mouth to feed, Panda Express got you this amazing deal. The Family Deal includes two (2) large sides and three (3) large entrées of choice.

For your sides, you can choose from Fried Rice, White Steamed Rice, Chow Mein Noodles, or Super Greens

The entrée menu includes 

  • The original Orange Chicken
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak 
  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 
  • String Bean Chicken Breast 
  • Kung Pao Chicken 
  • Mushroom Chicken 
  • Beijing Beef 
  • Broccoli Beef
  • Veggie Spring Roll
  • Chicken Egg Roll
  • Cream Cheese Rangoon 

The Family Meal costs about $29 and can feed 3 to 6 people. Prices might vary by location as well as the availability of entrées, make sure to check before ordering.

Panda Express App & App Deals

Panda Express Coupons 

If you want to satisfy your Orange Chicken craving, the Panda Express app is here to help. Order your favorite meals on the fly for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. Simply find your nearest location, choose your order and get it hot and fresh.

Unlike the many other food apps (McDonald’s, Burger King…), Panda Express doesn’t have a rewards or loyalty program to earn points towards free items.

To get all Panda Express coupons, discounts, and limited-time deals, make sure to check social media accounts, sign up for their email newsletter, or maybe just check our page, we’ll do the work for you!

About Panda Express 

Panda Express Coupons 

Panda Express is a fast-casual Chinese kitchen chain founded in 1973 by the Cherng family in Pasadena, California. They’re known for their delicious Asian Cuisine with an American touch, and especially their amazing customer service. People keep coming back for their favorites for these reasons. 

Panda Express Menu 

Panda Express Coupons 

Panda Express’s menu is quite various. It includes a wide selection of Chinese-inspired items sprinkled with an American touch. All their food is cooked with no MSG, artificial colors, or flavors. They also focus on experimenting with new combinations and flavors. 

Our Panda Express Favorite Items

This is a selection of our personal favorite meals at Panda Express, from the Original Orange Chicken to Chown Mein Noodles. Make sure to try at least one of them if you haven’t already

  • Orange Chicken: Panda Express actually invented Orange Chicken. It contains perfectly-cut chicken bites, fried and tossed in their special spicy orange sauce. This meal is famous for a reason, try it, it is worth the hype. 
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp: this dish is quite popular for its perfect-sized shrimp and the rich flavor of the sauce. The shrimps are quite large and coated with tempura batter and topped with sweet and glazed walnuts. You can have it with a side of Choi Mein noodles and rice to get a perfect and filling meal. 
  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken: this is Panda Express’s unique twist on this Japanese dish. It consists of grilled juicy chicken served with teriyaki sauce. Simple, yet amazing. 
  • Kung pao Chicken: this is another classic from Panda Express, a blend of chicken bites, vegetables, and a kick of spice. 
  • Beijing Beef: this dish is made of quality meat fried until perfect crispiness, and tossed in a sweet-tangy sauce. It is served mixed with bell peppers and onions which ass a fresh flavor to the meat and sauce. 
  • Chow Mein Noodles: this is a side item that you get with your entrée if you’re not a fan of rice or greens, but you can also order by itself. The noodles are stir-fried with sliced cabbage, onions, and celery, which give it enough flavor to be eaten alone

Panda Express Hours 

Most Panda Express locations open daily at 10:30 am and close at about 9 pm. Hours might however vary by restaurant, make sure to call ahead or check on the website or the app. 

Panda Express Near Me 

Panda Express has about 2177 locations all over the United States. If you still haven’t crossed paths with your nearest location, make sure to look it up on the store locator on the Panda Express website or app. 

Panda Express Delivery 

Panda Express Coupons 

Panda Express offers delivery for online orders. They offer their own delivery services as well through major third-party delivery services such as Uber eats, Postmales, Doordash, and others. Open the apps to check if your nearest Panda Express is available. You can sometimes score free delivery with their regular offers. 

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