KFC Deals and Coupons

Interested in trying some mouth-watering fried chicken from your local KFC all while staying on budget? This one’s for you. Explore the recent deals, discounts, and coupons offered by KFC the world famous fried chicken.

Deals and Coupons for December

KFC Deals and Coupons

Finger-lickin’ good, KFC’s famous claim about their fried chicken menu. With a wide range of choices from KFC menu items, you will come to the conclusion that you can indeed get -finger-lickin’ good- meals for a good price. From KFC’s regular deals to their app coupons and discounts, you will find it all here.

$20 Taste of KFC Meal

$20 Taste of KFC Meal

6 pieces of hand-breaded with 4 sides and 4 biscuits
<a href="https://www.buyvia.com/printable-coupons/?c=38713285&i=1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">New! Hot & Spicy Wings<br>8 for $4.99</a>

New! Hot & Spicy Wings
8 for $4.99

8 Hot & Spicy Wings for $4.99
<a href="https://www.buyvia.com/printable-coupons/?c=38713285&i=1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"></a><a href="https://go.redirectingat.com/?id=20540X1066518&xs=1&xcust=coupon-skim&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kfc.com%2Fmenu" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">2 KFC Wraps for just $5</a>

2 KFC Wraps for just $5

Order your wraps at KFC.com and on the KFC mobile app (free to download) or in KFC restaurants for just $5 (available in classic or spicy).
8 pc. Chicken + 8 pc. Tenders Fill Up

8 pc. Chicken + 8 pc. Tenders Fill Up

This fried chicken meal includes 2 drums, 2 thighs, 2 breasts and 2 wings in the KFC® recipe of your choice, plus 8 of our mouthwatering Extra Crispy™ chicken tenders. Comes complete with a Large Secret Recipe French Fries, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Cole Slaw and 4 biscuits.
8 pc. Tenders for $10

8 pc. Tenders for $10

8 pieces of our freshly prepared Extra Crispy™ Tenders with 4 dipping sauces for $10.
Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich

KFC has introduced a new Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich features an extra crispy white meat chicken filet topped with hickory smoked bacon and is available for $7.69.
8pc Buckets

8pc Buckets

You can now get a bucket of Chicken on the bone or tenders for only $10.
4 Pc Chicken and 12 Nuggets-Fill Up Box

4 Pc Chicken and 12 Nuggets-Fill Up Box

Get 4 PC of Chicken and 12 Nuggets for only $20. The box contains also French Fries, 4 buttermilk biscuits, and 4 dipping sauces of your choice. 
Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo

Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo

Get your Ultimate BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich served with a French Fry and a medium drink of your choice for just $11.29.
6pc. Fried Chicken + 12pc Chicken Nuggets Meal

6pc. Fried Chicken + 12pc Chicken Nuggets Meal

Get 6pc of Fried Chicken and 12pc of Chicken Nuggets for only $24.99.
8 pc. Chicken + 8 Tenders Fill Up

8 pc. Chicken + 8 Tenders Fill Up

This fill-up combo is a fan favorite. The menu includes the following:
2 drums, 2 thighs, 2 breasts, 2 wings in the KFC® recipe of your choice, 8 Extra Crispy™ chicken tenders

App for KFC Deals

KFC’s App allows you to order your favorite fried chicken in the easiest and most convenient way. KFC App gives you access to exclusive offers and deals.

How to put your KFC order

Visiting some friends for dinner, or do you just want to relax in your pajamas and enjoy your favorite KFC meals? If you want KFC meals delivered to your door, go to the KFC website and place an order. In less than an hour, your food is ready. While ordering food using KFC’s official app, you can also take advantage of the exclusive discounts aforementioned.

Follow these steps to order your food:

  • Go to KFC’s official website or download the KFC app.
  • To see the menu, click “Start Order.”
  • Choose the items you wish to get and then click “Add to Cart.”
  • After you’ve finished placing the items into your cart, you can choose between pick-up and delivery.
  • Add the address and the rest of your information now. The next step is to select a payment method.
  • Lastly, confirm your order and wait for your KFC delights!

KFC Happy Hours

KFC Deals

To please KFC customers, KFC officials initiated their Happy Hours in most of their restaurants. The Happy Hours also called ‘’the colonel’s happy hour’’, starts between 2 pm till 5 pm every day. If you go then, you can get all of your favorite meals on the menu for only $1.

KFC Buckets and Combos

KFC Deals

Choosing between all of the combos, promos, and specials might be tricky. Put your worries to the side. We got you! Go for the KFC menu specials in the form of combos and buckets to get the most bang for your buck.

This is especially true if you’re dining with a large group: the cost of individual orders will be higher than the cost of combos and bucket meals. So, what do these options entail?

KFC Combos

KFC Deals

Combos usually include several things from the menu, allowing you to order an entrée, a side dish, and a medium-sized beverage to wash it all down.

Buckets Meals

Bucket meals come in a variety of sizes, including 8-piece, 12-piece, 16-piece, and 20-piece buckets, and contain fried or grilled chicken. You’ll get sides, biscuits, and drinks with each bucket. You can also order chicken tenders with your bucket meal if you don’t want the classic fried chicken.

Let’s take a closer look at some of KFC’s most popular menu specials now that you know your alternatives. We highly urge you to reconsider your choices if you haven’t melted over KFC’s popcorn nuggets or Nashville Hot Sandwich combos.

Combo of Popcorn Nuggets KFC Deals

Combo of Popcorn Nuggets KFC Deals

With its popcorn chicken, KFC has always had an advantage over its competitors. The crispy nuggets come with wedges and a medium drink as a combo meal. This KFC menu special is also available as a Big Box Meal with tenders, chicken, and sides.
Chicken Sandwich Combo KFC Deals

Chicken Sandwich Combo KFC Deals

With this KFC menu special, you can visit Music City from the comfort of your car. The Chicken Sandwich Combo is a delight, with cold, crunchy pickles and mayo on top. This meal includes wedges and a medium beverage.
2 pcs Chicken Combo KFC Deals

2 pcs Chicken Combo KFC Deals

With KFC’s Chicken Combo, you can get all of your favorites. Start with a breast and a wing, then add fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit, and a medium drink to finish the meal.

KFC Secret Menu

Now that we’ve already shown you the KFC deals and discounts,  it’s time to tell you all a little KFC secret. Just like other food chains, KFC has a secret menu with some items you won’t think are available at a KFC location. If you haven’t heard of this menu before, I’m sure you’re missing out on a lot of tasty dishes.

  • Add Bacon: You can have bacon with any of your KFC dishes, just like you can have mashed potatoes. Consider putting bacon in your bowl with a chicken sandwich or anything else. Any KFC recipe can benefit from this crispy meat.
  • Poutine: Yes, you read that correctly. Poutine is available at KFC. Poutine is a giant platter of French fries with fresh cheese curds drenched in gravy for those of you who don’t know what it is. Although it originated in Canada, it is now available in practically every fast-food restaurant in the United States. Poutine from the KFC hidden menu is something that not many people order.KFC Deals
  • Hot Pocket Bowl: If you like KFC’s Hot Pockets, getting them with bowls is a must. With the addition of hot pockets, corn, gravy, and melted cheese, it’s a twist on the KFC Chicken Bowl. You can make your own bowl there, and it is highly recommended that you try this particular meal from their hidden menu.
  • Biscuits as a side dish: Many people enjoy biscuits with their meals. If you’re one of them, you can add two biscuits from the KFC hidden menu to your KFC order as a side dish. Don’t forget to top your biscuits with butter or honey for a delightful flavor.
  • Triple Down: At KFC, you may get the Triple Down burger. However, there is no bun, and there are three fried chicken pieces, with bacon and cheese. If you don’t believe a regular Triple Down will satisfy your hunger, you can top it with extra chicken, bacon, or cheese.

About KFC

KFC was founded in North Corbin, Kentucky, in 1930 by Harland Sanders, the man who would later on become the company’s famous face. He became a huge hit in a matter of years, gaining the highest honorary title in Kentucky: Kentucky colonel. Colonel Sanders has been his nickname since then. KFC is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and has nearly 19,000 locations in over 120 countries.

After Mcdonald’s, KFC is the second-largest fast-food restaurant in terms of sales. KFC has expanded its menu to include valuable items such as Chicken Little sandwiches, despite its prices being higher than the industry average.

KFC Opening & Closing Hours

KFC Deals

KFC restaurants often open for breakfast after 10:30 a.m. and close at midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, they stay open till 1:00 a.m.

KFC Breakfast Menu

Only a few KFC restaurants open early in the morning for breakfast. The usual opening time is after 10:30 a.m. KFC provides a variety of fried chicken breakfast options. You have the option of having a light breakfast at KFC or starting your day with fried chicken.

Sandwiches, bowls, fries, tenders, wings, and other breakfast items are among the greatest. Eight pieces of freshly prepared chicken, three huge sides, and four biscuits make up the side lovers’ dinner. Macaroni and cheese, fries, mashed potatoes, and other side dishes are available for breakfast.

Lunch Menu at KFC

Lunch is offered at KFC from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. During lunchtime, you can phone ahead to book a table at KFC. Lunch includes all KFC staples such as crispy fried chicken, chicken tenders, boxed dinners, and more. The restaurant’s happy hours run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. As a result, KFC locations are packed throughout lunchtime.

KFC’s official app or website can also be used to order lunch. KFC bowls come with mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s topped with shredded cheese and chicken. KFC buckets contain crispy chicken drumsticks, chicken tenders, chicken wings, and other items that are also available.

KFC Deals

KFC Dinner Menu

KFC’s menu has everything you’d want to eat for dinner! KFC has everything a chicken enthusiast needs, from crispy chicken appetizers to scorching hot Nashville chicken, chicken drumsticks, Nashville hot chicken, pot pie filling, and other combos such as sandwiches & tenders, sandwiches & sides, KFC chicken sandwich combo, and so on are all available on the KFC menu.

After 5 p.m., you can go to your nearest restaurant for dinner. Dinner is provided until midnight, and until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. KFC’s dinner hours for online food delivery start from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Some KFC locations close before midnight.

Nutritional Info about KFC

KFC Deals

If you’re thinking about ordering something healthy from the KFC menu, rest assured that everything on the menu is far from healthy. The chicken is always deep-fried and has a thick flour coating on the outside, it is full of fat and carbohydrates.

In addition to the overall calorie count, each of the fried chicken meals has a high sodium level. Only the salads on the KFC menu can be considered healthy, and that’s with all the dressings removed. To find out more about the KFC menu nutrition for each of the restaurant’s meals, visit KFC Nutrition Guide.

Gluten-Free Menu

These are some of the gluten-free items available in KF:

  • Coleslaw
  • Green Bean
  • Mashed Potatoes (no gravy)
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Caesar Side Salad
  • Squeez Applesauce
  • Sweet Kernel Corn

Vegan Menu

Some of KFC’s vegan items:

  • Marzetti Light Italian Dressing
  • Green Beans
  • Apple sauce
  • BBQ Baked Beans
  • Corn on the Cob (no butter)
  • Sweet Kernel Corn (no butter)
  • Potato Wedges & fries
  • House side salad (no cheese)
  • Apple Turnover
Beyond Fried Chicken
KFC Deals

In partnership with Beyond Meat, KFC launched their first plant-based fried chicken that’s as finger licking’ good as their classic fried chicken.

Beyond Fried Chicken is served with your favorite sauce, fries, and a medium drink for $6.99. Available at participating restaurants.

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